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Renovateur 14

Renovateur 14 - 0.3 or 1.0 oz

Two phyto-bio-complexes come together in a gift box. They combine beautifully for instant radiance and glow

Renovateur 14 is a Finishing Sérum which revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. With its antioxidant and detoxifying properties, it counter-attacks external aggressions and protects the epidermis against free radicals. The skin regains comfort and vitality as well as a bright complexion. Recommended for dehydrated and devitalized/dull Skin. Rénovateur 14 and Complexe Royal, a synergistic duo of Finishing Sérums. Those two serums are the perfect combination for a protected and glowing skin. Regenerating, energizing and moisturizing.

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Apply a few drops of R_novateur 14 and Complexe Royal on the face, neck, and cleavage in the morning and/ or in the evening having previously cleaned the skin with the recommended Lotion P50.

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