Eve Taylor

Firming Serum (Formerly Q10 Serum)



Description: This easily absorbed serum delivers potent anti-oxidants to combat free radicals protecting collagen and elastin fibres from degradation. With peptides to stimulate collagen helping minimise lines and wrinkles the firming effect on the surface gives immediate tightening sensation.

Skin type/condition: ageing and prematurely ageing skin.

Benefits: A firming serum with anti-oxidants to combat the signs of ageing.

Contains peptides to help firm the skin and minimise lines and wrinkles. An ideal serum for ageing or prematurely ageing skin.

Key ingredients: Ubiquinone, also known as co-enzyme Q10 is a natural component of every cell. With powerful anti-oxidant benefits to help skin maintain a youthful appearance.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 stimulate collagen and elastin fibres leading to a firmer skin.
Hesperidin Methyl Calchone with anti-oxidant properties that help strengthens capillaries.

How to use: Apply a thin layer to face and neck and follow with recommended moisturiser.

Q10 is considered the Queen of Antioxidants” as it can effectively counteract free radical damage and thus help to prevent damage to collagen and the elastin. Q10 is found in every cell of the body being vitally important in cell function. After the age of 20 the level of its natural production can decline. As a result the skin can loose its elasticity and fines lines begin to appear. Q10 serum effectively minimizes this cycle of events. Apply a few drops to clean skin and areas of concern. Follow the application with either an Eve Taylor aromatic serum and night cream or a suitable mask.

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