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Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice

Biologique Recherche

Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice - 1.0 fl. oz.

Excellent for smoother and brighter skin.

Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice is suited to clients that would like to step up from the Lotions P50. This powerful lotion combines all the benefits of purifying, exfoliating, moisturizing and toning, which all help to rebuild the epidermal barrier. The strengthened epidermis fully fulfills its protective function and promotes the skin’s self-renewing potential. Due to its composition of fruit acids, this anti-aging lotion will refine the skin’s texture, reduce skin imperfections linked to the female cycle and improve the efficacy of lightening products applied afterward, for a smoother and brighter skin. This concentrated lotion also increases the amount of Natural Moisturising Factors in the epidermis, which improves the hydration level. It is recommended for thick and dull skin. When using this lotion, please do not use simultaneously any of P50, P50 V or P50W lotions.

How to use: Apply Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice on a clean skin. Don't use Lotion P50 for 5-8 days when using this exfoliant. Apply with a piece of cotton all over face, neck and decollete.

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Type: Skin Care

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