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Organic Wellness Tea - 5 Piece Gift Box


Organic Gold MilkTea - is a great way to get the health benefits of tumeric. Prepared this way with warming spices like cinnamon and ginger.

Organic Orange Detox - provides a medley of herbs tailored to detoxify and purify the body. Tart flavors of orange are balanced by cool notes of peppermint. A flavourful and healthy organic herbal infusion, packed with nutirents.

Immunitea - our immunity tea blend is tailored to support a healthy immune system and to supoort recovery from ailments. This certified organic, handcrafted blend features elderberry, elderflower for respiratory health, in addition to ginger, licorice root, nettle, and rosehips for an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory punch.

Our double teardrop glass keeps your hands safe from heat

Our custom strainer keeps any residue from the loose leaf tea to enter your cup


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