Therapeutic Zinc Face Mask


ONYX therapeutic masks provide powerful dual protection, safeguarding you from harmful microorganisms while simultaneously relieving many chronic skin conditions. Each 100% Elite Cotton 500 thread count mask is infused with antimicrobial zinc, known as broad-spectrum "natural antibiotics" that eliminate bacteria and fungi, helping to calm & soothe acne prone, irritated or sensitive skin.

All Day Protection
These fully washable and reusable masks also feature a unique antimicrobial delivery system designed to continuously release zinc, ensuring long-term effective protection and flawless skin that remains radiant, hour after hour.



100% elite cotton

Lab Filtration Results:
Testing of the Zinc Therapeutic mask yielded results of validated filtration of > 99.9 % of 5 micron size particles

ISO Certification
All fabrics and biocidal agents within this mask are certified under ISO 20743,  the international standard for antibacterial activity.

OEKO-TEX standard100 Certification
We are proud to let you know that the Onyx Face masks are also OEKO-Tex 100 approved.  The ultimate stamp of approval for highest quality and strictest safety standards in the textile industry.

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