Discover the Biofixine Range

Fighting age can feel like fighting gravity. But with Biologique Recherche's Biofixine range, you can combat the signs of aging like going into an anti-gravity chamber. Consistent use of these products will result in reduced wrinkles, lines, and more hydrated, tightened, and youthful looking skin. Explore the anti-aging regimen with a mask, face cream, and eye cream. 

1. Get perfectly smooth skin with Masque Crème Biofixine. This 2-in-1 product can be applied as a cream or a mask. Enjoy tightened and plumped skin with softened fine lines and wrinkles. This youth-boosting product smoothes wrinkles and fine lines by increasing elastic fibers. This product is injected with green anise, walnut, edelweiss and an oxygenating complex. It will leave your skin brightened, softened, tightened and rejuvenated.



2. Referred to as "Liquid Botox", Crème Biofixine focuses on plumping wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-wrinkle agents of walnut extract and green anise will help to smooth, edelweiss to fight free radicals and grape seed oil to moisturize the skin. A powerful youth enhancing cream. Ideal for mature Skin Instants.

3. Last but not least, smooth both your eye and lip contour thanks to Crème Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine as it lifts the skin by filling in the lines on these areas. Perfect for all Skin Instants®, it deeply moisturizes the fragile skin of the eye and lip contour. 

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