Hollywood celebrities and discerning women from around the world share well-kept skin secret. Her name is “Yonat”, and her boutique spa is tucked far from the limelight and paparazzi. Yonat, highly educated esthetician, learned a different approach in treating the skin. Rather than classifying skin on the continuum from “dry-to-normal-to-oily”, she learned methods to “balance” the skin’s pH, restoring optimal health and glow and rendering the face and body toned and radiant.  

Yonat follows the Parisian Biologique Recherche Institute’s step-by-step skin care regimen in the most exacting manner, and the treatment process is as relaxing and luxurious as the outcome is amazing. Listening to calming music, reclining in a plush terrycloth robe on a deeply padded treatment table and covered by a featherweight silken down comforter, the client experiences the initial assessment phase, when his or her individual “Skin Instant” is diagnosed after providing an in-depth skin analysis courtesy of the Skin Instant Lab, a machine that measures hydration, elasticity and pigmentation so that the most appropriate skin care treatment can be determined. “Several of my clients who originally thought they needed plastic surgery have postponed surgery, because of the technique we use in lifting, toning and cleansing the skin”, observes Yonat. “To put it simply, our skin can be compared to a house: if the roof is built badly and can’t guarantee protection, everything inside is subjected to stress and becomes vulnerable to damage… our skin is no different!” Yonat’s focus is on reconditioning the epidermis utilizing state –of-the-art applications that produce immediately noticeable results. After her facials, eyes appear well rested, cheekbones seem more prominent, wrinkles are visibly reduced and facial contours seem better defined. 

She is also highly respected for her approach in reversing acne. Rather than relying on prescription medications which provide temporary relief by drying the skin’s surface but do not impact the endodermis, her facials treatments cleanse and balance the skin to the point that scarring is less apparent, and a healthful radiance is restored. The same epidermis can present balanced areas, dehydrated zones and hyper secretion of sebum simultaneously. The failure to understand this can result in inappropriate treatments that either induce new imbalances or reactivate old ones. Further consideration must be given to external factors such as climate, temperature, air-conditioning, medications and stress, among others.  

Perhaps the most amazing step in producing highly visible skin improvement is Yonat’s use of the Institute’s proprietary Remodeling Face Machine which incorporates state-of-the-art bio-electrotherapy utilizing three types of electrical current: galvanic, to improve the skin’s absorption of the applied active ingredients; low and medium frequency current which reshapes and tones as well as revitalizes the epidermis. “The Remodeling Face Machine works in perfect harmony with Biologique Recherche’s exclusive skin care products”, explains Yonat, “The results of this process are truly remarkable. “ Yonat is one of the first estheticians in the US who offered her clients one of the newest Biologique Recherce development Haute Couture treatment in luxury skincare treatments which is very personal. The program offers a highly customized regimen where products are created exclusively to meet each client’s individual needs. It is designed for all skin types and ages and is hyper customized to rebuild the health of your skin.

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