The Power of Cleansing

There's no question about it: cleansing your skin is the most essential first step of your beauty routine. 

Do you want to achieve clear and glowing skin? While swiping your face with micellar water might seem like enough, it won't cut it if you want your best skin. From makeup to dirt to sweat, your skin faces many external aggressors. If it's not cleansed properly, these aggressors accumulate on the surface of your skin and could contribute to breakouts, aging, dehydrating and damage the skin.

Taking the time to remove your makeup properly and cleanse your face is the the key to your best skin. Here's why: 

It Keeps Your Skin Clear

Sebum and excessive oil can mix with any residing build-up leftover on your skin. This may cause enlarged pores and create a blockage of skin follicles, trapping sebum and allowing bacteria to penetrate into the skin, which leads to inflammation, acne, and a blotchy and lacklustre complexion.

It Boosts Hydration 

Dehydrated skin looks rough, textured, and aged. Cleansing helps keep pH level and keep skin looking properly hydrated.  

It Prevents Aging

Pollutions and aggressors and accelerate skin aging. Cleansing your skin is the best way to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, and dullness.

Here are the most important parts of cleansing: 

Get the Right Temperature. 

When you're cleaning your skin, always use warm water. Hot water can strip the skin of essential oils and cold water doesn't have the softening affects needed to remove all residue on the skin. Always use lukewarm water. 

Double cleanse

If you were a full face of makeup, double cleansing should be an important part of your routine. First cleans makeup and dirt off. Then second will work down eep into the ports to remove any surface grime that was left behind. It can remove dead skin cells so products you use afterwords are more effective. 

Choose the right cleanser for your skin

It's important to choose a cleanser that targets your concerns. All of our facial cleansers work to keep skin clean and balance pH to help maintain your skin’s natural balance. With a free skin consultation, you can find the perfect match for your Skin Instant.



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