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Sérum Erythros

Biologique Recherche

Sérum Erythros - 1.0 fl. oz.

A targeted serum that eases diffused redness of the face.

Biologique Recherché Serum Erythros is a serum that helps fight the symptoms of erythrotelangiectasia (mild to moderate erythema with a visible telangiectatic network); although the symptoms cannot be cured, they can be eased. This Targeted Serum acts simultaneously on the causes of vascular dilation, the formation, and propagation of new blood vessels, inflammation, and visible redness. The selected agents, plant-based or biotechnological, have all been objectively identified for their action on Skin Instants that are prone to rosacea and are extremely sensitive.

How to use: On a cleaned skin, apply the serum to the areas with redness. Gently massage with the fingertips until complete absorption. Do not rub.

Type: Skin Care

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