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Lotion P50 Corps

Gently exfoliates and balances the epidermis

This indispensable lotion purifies, balances and protects your skin. Similarly formulated to the Lotion P50 for the face, this lotion has been specifically adapted for the body. An essential product which removes your body’s dead skin cells, and leaves your skin soft and glowing, due to its purifying, hydrating and stimulating properties.


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Spray Lotion P50 Corps on the body. Initially, massage the areas with your hands so that the product penetrates.

Purifying and exfoliating agent: Usnic Acid, Poly-Alpha-Beta Hydroxy Acid Complex, Lemon Extract. Balancing agent: Burdock Extract. Moisturizing agent: Vitamin PP, Lactic Acid.

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to excoriated or irritated skin.

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