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Beauty Drops No. 2


Beauty Drops No. 2 - 0.27 and  1 fl.oz.

Leaves skin smooth and even

A moisturizing and nourishing serum, rich in herbal extracts and silk protein. For hydration and sun damage repair. Restores moisture and leaves skin radiant.

The Beauty drops serums are water based serums super rich with pure herbal extracts and silk amino acids.
Each Beauty drops contains a unique mixture of botanical ingredients to target special skin conditions.
The Beauty drops are 100% oil free and can be applied directly on clean skin or to mix it with different serums or creams.
It can also be used solo on clean skin when the weather is warm and moist for perfect hydration with out an oil phase.

Drip a few drops of the serum on clean skin, before applying a face cream.

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