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Soft Treatment Gel


This calming and hydrating Soft Treatment Gel is rich in botanical extracts known for soothing qualities. It infuses the skin with moisture, leaving it soft and fresh.

Apply a medium layer of the mask on dry, clean skin, avoiding the eyes, and leave it on for 2 minutes. Gently massage with lukewarm water and rinse well.

In the treatment room

Apply a thick layer on the skin and wrap it with a wet fabric mask or a warm/cold towel for 10 minutes.

Apply a thick layer on the skin and work on top of it with a Galvanic machine for 7-10 minutes or with an Ultrasound machine.

Apply a thick layer on the skin and massage it with wet hands for a few minutes, then wrap it with a cold or hot fabric mask for 10 minutes.

- Calendula Officinalis

- Arnica Montana

- Centella Asiatica

- Brewer's Yeast

- Sage

- Lavandula

- Chamomile

- Mimosa bark

- Carrot

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