10 Essentials to Adopt this Spring Season

Spring has sprung! New Season, new skincare regimen! Ensure a smooth transition between seasons by incorporating 10 essentials into your Spring regimen. 

1. Stay refreshed all day thanks to L'Eauxygenate, it's packed with vitamins! 

2. Exfoliate with the Lotion P50 adapted to your Skin Instant, we recommend switching to the non-1970 formula  for warmer days. 

3. Brighten your complexion with Masque VIP O2, now back in stock! 

4. Say goodbye to dull skin with Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines

5. Switch from oil-based to water-based products, Gel ADN Silkgen provides a great hydration in a light texture. 

6. Prepare your skin for Summer with Preparation U.V. - use it as a 30 day treatment before sun exposure. 

7. Exfoliate your body with Gommage P50. It provides both chemical and mechanical exfoliation. 

8. Apply Serum Matriciel to tone and firm your body. 

9. Treat cellulite thanks to Lipogen AC. Massage zone to be treated morning and evening. 

10. Get rid of red stretch marks before beach time thanks to Creme R-Stria


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