How to Build a Biologique Recherche Daily Skin Care Routine

It's no secret that we love our Biologique Recherche products. Whether you love the cult favorite Lotion P50 or Masque VIP 02, or even the lesser known products, the steps to creating your skincare routine can get confusing. 

With all of the great products in the Biologique Recherche collection, it's time to understand what it takes to create a daily skin care routine. Check out these 6 steps as an example Biologique Recherche skincare regimen. 

1. Cleanser
Cleaning is always your first step. We love Lait VIP O2 which is an oxygenating cleansing milk, which gently removes makeup and impurities, whilst unifying the complexion and protecting the skin against external aggressions, such as harsh climates and pollution. 

2: Lotion 

Next you will want to balance and purify your skin. The famous Lotion P50 is the perfect exfoliating toner to help prepare the skin for the next steps of treatment. There are 7 forms of Lotion P50 available to care for your skin type and Skin Instant. 

3. Mask

There so many amazing masks in the Biologique Recherche collection, it can be hard to just choose one. Masque VIP 02 is an oxygenating mask that is one of our favorites. The great thing about Biologique Recherche masks is that you can pretty much mix them all. We love to apply Mask Vivant on the T-Zone, Masque VIP O2 under the eyes, and then mix the two together and apply all over the rest of the face, neck, and decollete.

4. Serum

Biologique Recherche has many targeted serums to choose from exactly for your skin type. First you want to apply your targeting serums, then wait 2 minutes and apply your quintessential serums. If you ever have a question about layering your serums you can contact us. 

5. Cream

Biologique Recherche has many different moisturizers for your skin care regimen.  Whether you like something light or thicker, Biologique Recherche has something for you.



6. Finishing Serum

The last step in your Biologique Recherche skincare regimen is a finishing serum. They seal in all of the layers of products, increase their effectiveness, and protect from outside aggressions. 


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