All About New Iso-Placenta

New from Biologique Recherche! 

Please welcome 2 new products to the Biologique Recherche Family: Creme Iso-Placenta and Serum Iso-Placenta.

Creme Iso-Placenta 

Creme Iso-Placenta is the newest formula that retains the regenerating action of the original Creme Placenta thanks to a combination of new active ingredients.  Its unique combination of 3 active ingredients stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. The formula contains Biomimetic Placenta, which mimics the composition of placenta to provide the skin with all the growth factors its needs to rebuild. The Carob seed and Scotch Thistle extracts help repair the various skin layers.

The previous main biological active ingredient was replaced with a biotechnologicalone (biomimetic placenta). Because this cream is bio-mimicking placenta polypeptides, the prefix iso was added to the previous name, it comes from Ancient Greek and means equal

Recommended for Skin Instants© with traces of acne.

Serum Iso-Placenta 


Serum ISO Placenta is an anti-acne corrective care product. It improves skin restoration to smooth the skin while reducing redness and marks. The skin is regenerated and regains its original appearance.

Serum ISO Placenta is the all new vegan formula and contains no animal by products. It does a wonderful job of regenerating and improving skin restoration.

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